This reflection is written in response to the sermon entitled, Stay Awake with Me! delivered by Pastor Marisa Brown Ludwig.  The video of this sermon is available in its entirety here:




When we led our group of travelers to Israel we had a fantastic guide.  He was a secular Jew.

In discussing some biblical references he told me, “you need to understand that it is a long Hebrew tradition of story telling to speak metaphorically in order to drive home a point.  Most of the Biblical stories were never intended as history, but rather as stories to teach us something.”

that has stuck with me a long time, perhaps because it is a view I have always held.

The Christmas story itself is a wonderful metaphor though today’s reading has always stuck in my craw.  However, today I saw it in a new light… again using my metaphorical approach.

When the kingdom of God comes.. when we all start to live as Jesus had taught and laid out for us, the stars (not those heavenly bodies!) shall fall,

the sun shall be darkened– those powerful leaders who  march us off to war, who manipulate our lives to benefit the rich and powerful,—and the moon shall not give its light

I believe that passage has nothing to do with astronomy and the end times, but rather When we live as true children of God– and when we are steadfast in creating the heavenly kingdom here on earth, the evil which is so predominant in the powerful both now and in the first century, shall tumble.”

By Eleanor Santos    Sunday, November 30, 2014


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