Review: Years of Living Dangerously

years-of-living-dangerouslyyears-of-living-dangerouslyEarlier this week, our Transition Longmeadow group plus some other First Church members watched the first episode of Showtime’s “Years of Living Dangerously” in the Buxton Room.  It is well done, powerful, and instructive. I especially liked the section addressing how  scientists might be able to talk with the more evangelical churches.  The other three messages of the series are, as distilled by Environmental Defense Fund membership director Sam Perry:


  • There isn’t a corner on the globe not already impacted by climate change. The first episode takes viewers from the Texas Panhandle to the Indonesian rainforests to the deadly conflict in Syria. The devastating climate crisis is already hurting communities around the world—and it’s only getting worse.
  • Ordinary people will need a lot of help as the climate crisis deepens. Just ask the millions of Syrian refugees. Or the Texas cattle ranchers. Or the people of Indonesia working to protect their forests.
  • Many more people need to understand what’s happening. There is still way too much confusion and denial out there—the climate debate has been polarized for long enough and we need a much broader awareness of how serious this crisis is.



More information & an opportunity to view the first episode of this remarkable 9 part series can be found here in the Environmental Defense Fund’s website.  You can also watch this video here on Showtime’s official website.  Please tune in to watch this important video.  You can also sign up to host a local viewing party here.

I give this film:

Four Roosters: Very Good

Four Roosters: Very Good

Do you have thoughts on the series, or questions raised by this material?  Please leave your comments below.



Son of God Movie


The much anticipated movie “Son of God” opens this weekend.  The reviews thus far are somewhat mixed and waiting for consensus.  But this won’t keep me away from the theaters!  If nothing else, this movie gets the kids focused on religion on these dreary winter days, rather than video games or Cartoon Network.  How about you?  Have you seen the movie?  Please leave your comments below.  If you are undecided, here is the trailer for your viewing pleasure: