The 5 Women Who Birthed Moses


September 20, 2015

The Five Women Who Birthed Moses


Scripture:  Exodus 1:8-2:10

The final installment of Dr. Jay/Pastor Marisa’s sermon series Women of the Bible concludes with Pastor Marisa preaching about five women who conspired to bring one baby boy to adulthood, a boy who would go on to become the greatest prophet of the Hebrew scriptures: Moses.  In their stories, we encounter challenging issues such as abortion, genocide, mixed-race adoption, political enemies working together, and God’s power made perfect in the powerless.

Clobbering the Scriptures

“Clobbering Scripture Saints of the Church, and Bible Interpretation”


Scripture:  Romans 16:1-16


Dr. Jay examines the role of women in the early church by looking at the end of Paul’s letter to the Romans. In it he greets and thanks many women and men who are Christian leaders.  He looks at verses Dr. Jay says scholars and preachers have used to clobber other people and silence them, or demean them by using the scriptures to accuse them of sinning.  He offers some principles in Bible interpretation and will look at passages that seem to contradict one another – what do we do with them?  Why has the church history been dominated by male leadership?  How can progressive Christians understand this history of Bible interpretation?


Living in Glass Houses

 “Living in Glass Houses”


Scripture:  John 8:1-11


Dr. Jay preaches  on an unnamed woman, this one often called “the woman who committed adultery.”  Dr. Jay prefers to call her “The woman who received the grace of forgiveness.”  In this sermon, explore the challenges of living with people who do “bad things” just like we do.  How do we relate to one another when a wrong is committed? What does it mean to forgive someone? How do we experience being forgiven? What happens when we are tempted to throw a few rocks at others?