Gifts of the Dark Wood

gifts-of-the-dark-woodAt First Church Longmeadow, we are reading Gifts of the Dark Wood during Lent 2016. Each chapter has its own “box” below. Join in with comments & discussion, whether or not you can attend the real-life meetings. God meets you where you are.  Meetings are as follows:

  • February 17: The Gift of Uncertainty
  • February 24: The Gift of Emptiness
  • March 2: The Gift of Being Thunderstruck
  • March 9:  The Gift of Being Lost
  • March 16:  The Gift of  Disappearing



  • Chapter 1: Where We Find Ourselves
  • Chapter 2: The Gift of Uncertainty
  • Chapter 3: The Gift of Emptiness
  • Chapter 4: The Gift of Being Thunderstruck
  • Chapter 5: The Gift of Getting Lost
  • Chapter 6: The Gift of Temptation
  • Chapter 7: The Gift of Disappearing
  • Chapter 8: The Gift of Misfits
  • Chapter 9: Where We Go From Here
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