Gerard Russell is the author of the newly published Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms, which explains & details the disappearance of seven religions in the Middle East.  Russell was a diplomat in Iraq from 2005-2006.

Russell’s book provides a view into more of the history behind the tribes of people – such as the Yazidi’s.  The Yazidi’s, and other unique tribes have been persecuted for thousands of years in the Middle East & most recently have been persecuted & driven from their homes by ISIS, victims of the Syrian civil war.  Many of those  who have been lucky enough to survive are living in UN-issued tents in Iraqi Kurdistan while the unrest in the region unfolds.

But who are these people & what is their faith?  How has this group managed to survive this long?

Here is an in-depth interview completed by NPR that is well worth a listen.

You can read an excerpt of the book here.

Some of these religions predate Christianity by thousands of years – to Babylon & Assyria.  Now their extinction is threatened as never before in this volatile modern world.  What can we do as a congregation to help preserve these threatened ancient faiths?

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