A Prayer for Ferguson and All People Everywhere

Mother God, pain-bearer and life-giver:


In Your eyes we are all precious – and the differences between us are the colors on Your canvas: bold, beautiful, stunning. When we are at our best, we are Your garden teeming with life and vitality. You were there when we took our first unique breath, and You will be there when we take our last – all of us. Different as we are, we delight You, each one made just as You intended.


But once we are birthed, You give us the freedom to choose how to grow in this world.


I believe that You would have us          use our words to inspire and not to tear down;

use our hearts for loving and not for judgment

use our hands for binding up wounds, and not for making them.


I believe it is only possible for human life to thrive in this amazing universe of Yours if we embrace the unique beauty You seed in us. If we try to make each other all the same, we will die out, weak in our sameness. Help us to really see, to really hear, to really touch, to really feel, to really taste each other, and glimpse what You already know about us. Together, we can make this garden a place for all life to bloom in dignity, honor and freedom.


Help us to become the people You dream us to be. Amen.


© 2014 – 2015.  Pastor Marisa Brown-Ludwig.  All rights reserved.

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