Chapter 3: The Gift of Emptiness

Chapter 3: The Gift of Emptiness

This Chapter will be the subject of the February 24 meeting in the Buxton Room – 7-8pm.

Imagine what it would be like to be free— free not of your faults but your fear of them.  – Eric Elnes
 The fact of the matter is, each and every one of us is morbidly insecure and vastly imperfect.  We have failed, and we will fail again.  We all have that inner critic, the nagging internal complainer.  Elnes sees the Gift of Emptiness residing in the release of our fear and embarrassment over our shortcomings – the emptiness rests in place of the fear, opening room for us to abide and appreciate the natural flow of existence.

Elnes considers the extreme emptiness of a black hole, together with its mysterious gravitational pull.  “The Cross of Jesus draws me to it much like a black hole, and acts on me much like reaching a singularity point. I begin to sense the gravity of the Cross when I ask myself the question that many Christians ask themselves: If I had been alive in Jesus’ day, would I have crucified him?”

What role can you imagine yourself occupying  during the days of Jesus’s persecution and punishment?  If you are really honest with yourself, where do you envision yourself?

Consider the extreme emptiness Jesus must have felt as he languished on the cross, calling out, “why have you forsaken me?”  Stripped bare, bereft of strength – this is when God finds Jesus.  Can you recall a time in your own life that you too were ‘found’ by God in the most extreme circumstances?  What kinds of emotions arise as your mind ponders that tender time?

Elnes remarks, “…the soul is so elusive and untamable partly because it is connected to a larger story. The Holy Spirit frequently throws us intuitions that come from a source completely beyond ourselves.”  How do you conceive of your soul?  How private is your soul, and how might it be connected to the universe?  Does the resiliency of your soul arise from a myriad of connections with the Holy Spirit?

Use your imagination – spend some time with your own mysterious ’emptiness’.

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February 12, 2016

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