I have walked through many lives,

some of them my own,

and I am not who I was,

though some principle of being abides,

from which I struggle not to stray….

Stanley Kunitz, “The Layers

This week, as we continue to wander through the Lenten Wilderness together & through our writing, we examine our lives through the lens of place or physical geography.



We enjoyed a reading of Stanley Kunitz’s riveting poem, “Touch Me” before we enjoyed a concentrated time of personal writing during the class.  Here is Mr. Kunitz reading this poem in his own words:





We also discussed Kathleen Norris’ use of “place” as an avenue for exploring spirituality.  Here is an excerpt from her writings:




Resources Used in Class



You can print a map of your hometown.  Use a highlighter to mark the streets or routes that you were allowed to travel on your own at a relatively young age.  What memories surface as you examine your map?





We also exchanged extensively around Georgia Heard’s discussion of querencia in  Writing Toward Home: Tales and Lessons to Find Your Way.  Querencia is Spanish for “the place one calls home”.  You can read an excerpt of her novel here.



Think about places where you have felt the most at home.  Make a list of them.  Choose one & describe it, perhaps your writing will move toward a story of why it is meaningful for you.  Where do you feel happy & relaxed?  Are there memories that you return to when you need a sense of peace?  Describe them.


If you feel stuck, and have nothing to write about, you can choose a line from another author’s writing to use as a jumping off point.  You also can choose to write for ten minutes – then choose the most poignant sentence from those 10 minutes of writing – rewrite that at the top of the page & use it as the starting point for your next entry.



Additional Resources


Assignment for the Week of March 10


Power of Words


Many in our group found it somewhat difficult to write for 10 minutes per day – many expressed that external commitments for work or life made finding the time difficult.  Others expressed that they were still coming to terms with the task of writing, and found it did not come easily.  For this week, the assignment is to write at least one 10 minute session.  Please write more if you can manage it – this is an invitation, not a forced requirement.


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